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An elevated state of being

Experience the blissful combination of kanna & cannabis.

Great news! Because of the 2018 Farm Bill we can ship to all states with the exception of Idaho, Louisiana, South Dakota, and North Dakota.

Hangover-free happy hour is here

Our proprietary blend of kanna and cannabis delivers a boost of happy energy. Ready to replace your glass of wine?

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The reviews are in

I usually vape or smoke because I like the control and how it hits me right away. I was never an edibles person until Sunny. 10/10 for the quick onset and being able to control the level of effects I want. 

– Carrie, 29

OMG THE SUNNY MELTS. Forget coffee, the sunny melts gave me a boost of energy, creativity, and focus that caffeine can’t touch. Perfect for my workday and creative sessions, I love the sunny melts for a mid-day boost. Who says THC can’t be functional mid-day?

– Bri, 30

Sunny is absolute magic. Took 1 to start and then another about 10 minutes later. I felt soo blissed out and peaceful all day long. Felt very subtle at first, I had so much energy and was super focused. I also liked that there wasn’t a noticeable come down.


– Molly, 32

I hit a slump during my study session for midterms, so I took one Sunny and it gave me the perfect boost of energy that I needed to finish studying. It didn’t make me tired like I thought most edibles would make me feel. Instead, it made me focused and eased my test anxiety.

– Tatum, 21

Perfect for when I’m feeling short tempered and overwhelmed. I wanted to still feel like myself and be in control of how much I wanted/needed and Sunny delivered. I loved that I could choose my exact amount based off of what I was doing or needing it for and what was right for me.

– Anya, 40

I totally recommend Sunny melts for anyone new to cannabis, as well as for someone who has more experience, it’s a different feeling than edibles. It’s light and fun.

– Tracy, 60

I love Sunny! I started with 2 melts on my day off, running errands has never felt so fun! When I got back home I had 2 more melts and did chores around the house, feeling like the main character in a rom com. When Sunny wore off, I was completely back to normal, no headache, no sluggish feeling.

– Michelle, 28

Sunny has really changed my daily routine and approach to alcohol. I used to drink most weeknights and would always wake up groggy. I still drink but I just drink much less.

– Ryan, 37

It isn’t really a high – just a lightness. I like that I don’t feel stoned or uncontrollably giggling. But I’m definitely smiley. I really like Sunny for a work night pick me up.

– Drew, 34

You know that feeling when you were a little kid – just riding your bike and the only thing you had to worry about was coming home for dinner? That’s Sunny.

– Theresa, 65

    Discover your dose

    Edibles can be intimidating. That’s why we created a new way to experience all that cannabis has to offer. When you know your dose, it’s like a daily pick me up you didn’t know you needed.

    Discover your dose,
    elevate your

    What makes Sunny different?

    Sunny Other edibles
    Microdosed for a happy
    mood boost
    Higher dose with
    too high vibes
    +/-15 min onset
    30 min-2hr onset
    Energized & social
    Sluggish & quiet
    Smooth, easy ride
    High with a crash

    Why microdose cannabis?

    Incorporating cannabinoids into your daily routine with small, incremental doses is most commonly known as microdosing. Want to learn more?

    Frequently asked questions

    Is this legal to ship?

    Yes. It’s all about that hemp. All of our products are made from federally legal industrial hemp. In accordance with the 2018 Farm Bill, it is legal to produce hemp-derived Delta-9 THC that does not exceed 0.3% by dry weight.

    How will my package arrive?

    Your tin(s) will ship via USPS mail in a bubble mailer. The tin inside is in child-resistant packaging. They arrive within 2-4 business days. 

    Will these products make me feel high?
    Mary & Jane products were formulated for a pleasant and mildly euphoric effect, not to make you feel “stoned” like you may have previously experienced or seen in the movies. They’re meticulously crafted for a mellow and delightful lift to keep things easy and enjoyable. That said, we always recommend using caution the first time you try a new product to understand how your body reacts to it.
    How many should I take?
    We recommend starting with 1-2 melts and increasing your dose as desired. The goal is to start low and slow to discover the perfect balance for a functional experience that feels right to you.
    Do you third-party test?
    Yes. Every batch undergoes 3rd party testing by certified laboratories.
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