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Certified Ganjier Elizabeth Sage

Meet Elizabeth Sage, Certified Ganjier


Hey friends,

This month we interviewed Elizabeth Sage, (@thesageganjier) to learn what it takes to be an expert in cannabis — basically a sommelier of weed. For this mini series, Elizabeth will share her knowledge about the plant and how its healing properties can benefit people, even in small doses!

Elizabeth! Thanks for joining us. Tell us about yourself.

I am a Certified Ganjier, Entrepreneur, Geriatric Toddler Mom and reality TV junkie. I bring the plant to the people and create cannabis professionals for this new market.

So how did you get into cannabis?

I started experimenting with cannabis at 15. At the time, I didn’t know what it was doing to my body, but I knew I liked the way it made me feel – calm and relaxed. Over the next 25+ years, I continued to use plant medicine, sometimes having to resort to unsavory lengths and do some sketchy sh*t to get my medicine. Looking around at the robust nationwide cannabis market we have today, it’s heartwarming to see how many people wont have to go to such extreme lengths to find relief.

What’s the process to becoming a Certified Ganjier?

Becoming a Certified Ganjier is a rigorous process that includes over 38 hours of online coursework, two immersive two-day training sessions in the redwoods of Northern California’s famed Emerald Triangle, and a final trip back to take a trio of tests.

First, there’s a 100-question knowledge test covering everything from the online coursework. Then, you engage in a customer interaction protocol involving role-playing with a prospective customer to gather specific information for product recommendations. Finally, you perform a cannabis flower assessment using the Systematic Assessment Protocol (SAP), calibrating your palate to the Ganjier Council’s standards in Aroma, Appearance, Flavor, and Experience.

It’s a demanding journey, but wholly exhilarating! My path to becoming a Ganjier opened up a world of knowledge and ignited a passion to continue learning and sharing. This desire to build community and share the wonders of cannabis became the foundation of my business.

Is there something that really surprised you about cannabis during this process?

A lot of things really surprised me! I think it speaks volumes to the general lack of information and prevalent misinformation across much of the country.

One big revelation was realizing that it’s all cannabis! There are so many uses for the plant, yet we often get fixated on one psychoactive molecule (THC). If we directed more research and resources towards developing accessible, functional products that can help reduce dependence on synthetic pharmaceuticals, we could address many of the modern ailments that plague us.

We all have a story, and it’s up to each of us empowered and emboldened in this space to share ours and create a platform for others to do the same. Cannabis is personal medicine, and even when used recreationally, it has therapeutic benefits.

What’s unique about the work that you do?

Having spent most of my adult years working in corporate America, I understand all the stigma that can come along with using plant medicine. There can be a lot of unnecessary shame around its use, and that doesn’t necessarily go away once it’s legalized. My ability to blend my cannabis knowledge with interpersonal skills developed over years of managing teams allows me to interact with consumers in a more impactful way. I am a mother, community leader, and a passionate advocate for redefining what a cannabis user looks like.

I don’t have one story that brought me to cannabis or that I use to connect with others. Instead, it’s the many stories I’m told over and over. From people who use it for sleep, reducing anxiety, replacing alcohol, and general relaxation to those who have reduced their dependence on pharmaceuticals, had their cancer tumors shrink, cleared GI issues, or reduced PTSD symptoms—the list goes on and on. There are so many benefits (and indeed risks), and I am humbled every day by the power of the plant.