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Mary & Jane Embroidered Sweatshirt


Make a statement and help break the stoner stigma

If you are between sizes, size up.

Make a statement and help break the stoner stigma

If you are between sizes, size up.

The reviews are in

I usually vape or smoke because I like the control and how it hits me right away. I was never an edibles person until Sunny. 10/10 for the quick onset and being able to control the level of effects I want. 

– Carrie, 29

OMG THE SUNNY MELTS. Forget coffee, the sunny melts gave me a boost of energy, creativity, and focus that caffeine can’t touch. Perfect for my workday and creative sessions, I love the sunny melts for a mid-day boost. Who says THC can’t be functional mid-day?

– Bri, 30

Sunny is absolute magic. Took 1 to start and then another about 10 minutes later. I felt soo blissed out and peaceful all day long. Felt very subtle at first, I had so much energy and was super focused. I also liked that there wasn’t a noticeable come down.


– Molly, 32

I hit a slump during my study session for midterms, so I took one Sunny and it gave me the perfect boost of energy that I needed to finish studying. It didn’t make me tired like I thought most edibles would make me feel. Instead, it made me focused and eased my test anxiety.

– Tatum, 21

Perfect for when I’m feeling short tempered and overwhelmed. I wanted to still feel like myself and be in control of how much I wanted/needed and Sunny delivered. I loved that I could choose my exact amount based off of what I was doing or needing it for and what was right for me.

– Anya, 40

I totally recommend Sunny melts for anyone new to cannabis, as well as for someone who has more experience, it’s a different feeling than edibles. It’s light and fun.

– Tracy, 60

I love Sunny! I started with 2 melts on my day off, running errands has never felt so fun! When I got back home I had 2 more melts and did chores around the house, feeling like the main character in a rom com. When Sunny wore off, I was completely back to normal, no headache, no sluggish feeling.

– Michelle, 28

Sunny has really changed my daily routine and approach to alcohol. I used to drink most weeknights and would always wake up groggy. I still drink but I just drink much less.

– Ryan, 37

It isn’t really a high – just a lightness. I like that I don’t feel stoned or uncontrollably giggling. But I’m definitely smiley. I really like Sunny for a work night pick me up.

– Drew, 34

You know that feeling when you were a little kid – just riding your bike and the only thing you had to worry about was coming home for dinner? That’s Sunny.

– Theresa, 65