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how much cannabis can I consume?

What’s a Melt?


When you think of the word “melt” you probably think of the ice in cocktails and the candles on birthday cakes. However, you probably don’t think of cannabis; but we are about to change that. 

Let us introduce you to melts

There are tons of great cannabis products on the market such as gummies, beverages, and tinctures. That in mind, we wanted to create something that didn’t exist. We worked with a vitamin manufacturer to create the unique form factor: melts. Our melts contain a pharmaceutical grade disintegrate that allows them to melt under your tongue. Does this sound familiar? If you are wellness obsessed like us, then you have probably taken vitamins this way. This method of consumption is called sublingual intake, and it has a ton of benefits. Let us explain. 

Sublingual intake

Typically, cannabis products have to travel through the digestive system before taking effect; and this can take between thirty minutes to two hours. However, that’s not the case for melts, thanks to sublingual intake. This method of consumption refers to placing a product under the tongue to be absorbed into the bloodstream for fast-acting results. The result is effects that can be felt within 8 to 15 minutes (jaw-dropping, we know). People are wired for instant gratification, and therefore, don’t want to wait to know how something will make them feel. That is why we love that melts can be consumed sublingually. In fact, we love this method of consumption so much that we devoted an entire blog post to it. 

Melt away

In addition to fast-acting results, Mary & Jane’s melts have the perfect blend of cannabis and additional functional ingredients (such as kanna) that create an elevated state of being. To complement its kanna and 1mg of hemp-derived THC, the Sunny blend has has a sweet, passion fruit flavor. From the consumption to the comedown, the melts offer an energizing (and subtly euphoric) experience that mimics the feeling of sunshine. In other words, we have unlocked the secret to putting sunshine in a bottle (or in this case, melts).