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Laura's morning routine favorite items, Dave's Killer bread, almond butter, coffee and Sunny

How I Sunny: Laura’s Morning Microdosing Routine


Hey friends!

While we were developing Sunny, we spent a lot of time testing the product during various times of the day. I found that taking 1 in the morning gives me the perfect focused energy to start my work day. Read on for how I Sunny.


My Morning Routine

6am: I try to wake up before the kiddos so I have a bit of time to myself. Lately I’ve been starting my day with a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread topped with almond butter & a big cup of coffee.

6:30am: By now the kids are up, so I snag big morning hugs and dish up their breakfast.

8:30am: Head into the office and pop 1 Sunny, which makes my never-ending to-do list feel more manageable.

9:30am: I always spend the first hour of my day checking emails and shipping any orders we need to get out the door. What comes next varies from day to day, which to me is the beauty of being an entrepreneur.

12pm: Head to my favorite hot yoga class at Up Yoga in Minneapolis over my lunch hour. Yoga checks the boxes for both mental and physical wellbeing for me.