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Microdosed cannabis: the next “brain food”


If you are a health and wellness nerd like us, you you know that trends in the industry come and go. For example, many of us wouldn’t dare touch a piece of meat a few years ago, and now, the animal-based diet is all the rage. It can be exhausting to keep up with the ever-changing latest and greatest. However, there is one trend that we think will stick around; and that is moderation. The idea of moderation can be applied to many aspects of your well-being such as professional career, fitness and nutrition habits, social life, and even cannabis consumption. That’s right. In moderation, cannabis consumption is known as microdosing, and it has a plethora of brain-boosting benefits. 

Low dose vs. high dose

People use cannabis for the relaxed and euphoric feeling that it can create. However, that feeling can turn into increased stress and anxiety if over consumed. That’s why many people don’t include it in their daily routine. But what if people moderated their intake in an effort to avoid its negative effects? Well, that’s microdosing. In a study performed by the University of Illinois at Chicago, it was found that “THC in low doses lessened the jitters of a public speaking task, but THC in higher doses – enough to produce a mild “high” – increased anxiety.” This finding proves that microdosing can benefit a daily routine.

But how do you incorporate it? There are many ways. Busy day at work? Take a microdose alongside your morning cup of joe. Pilates class? Take a microdose before you warm up. Restful night sleep? Take a microdose as you read your book. It’s truly up to you and your lifestyle. 

The brain on microdosed cannabis

So we know that cannabis has brain-boosting benefits, but why? The cannabinoid THC binds to the brain’s endocannabinoid receptors after being consumed. Because the endocannabinoid system regulates the functions of pain, sleep, appetite, and memory, the consumption of cannabis has the ability to influence them, according to Nama. Not only can microdosed cannabis help you with brain-related tasks throughout the day, but it may also help treat brain-related diseases such as dementia and Alzheimers. In addition to boosting memory, the anti-inflammatory properties of cannabis have been shown to slow down the brain’s aging process. So are you looking to improve your brain health this new year? Then it’s a no brainer, give microdosing a try.