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What to do when your tolerance to THC increases

It’s Not You, It’s Your Tolerance

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Have things been feeling different between you and THC? Don’t worry, it can happen. It might be that you have built up a high tolerance to it, but don’t fret, that can be fixed. We have some tips to share about preventing and combating a high tolerance. But first, we need to talk about chemistry. Put on your lab coats, ladies. 

The science behind it

The brain has receptors (known as CB1 receptors) that are activated by the psychoactive compound in cannabis, tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). When you consume cannabis, these receptors “turn on” and create that euphoric feeling that we all know and love. However, if you consume cannabis in high doses routinely, the amount of receptors can begin to decrease. In other words, the same amount of THC can begin to have *not the same* effect. This can be disheartening, we know. But, there are ways to prevent and combat it. 

To prevent it, microdose. The term “microdosing” refers to consuming THC and/or psychedelics in small amounts. By consuming the substance in small and controlled amounts, it helps you avoid the negative outcomes of THC, such as anxiety and paranoia, but still experience its benefits, such as happiness and pain relief. It also helps to reduce your chance of becoming tolerant due to the dose being low and consistent. Just like any relationship, taking things slow is the key to longevity between you and cannabis. 

To combat it, reset. If you have already become tolerant, then it’s time to move on and take a t-break. What is a t-break you ask? Leafwell reports that a t-break is when a person stops using cannabis for some period of time to help reduce tolerance to THC and regain the effect it once had. It’s like a reset for your CB1 receptors. Even though there are no “rules” for the duration, the recommended time period for a t-break is 21 days because that’s how long it takes for your body to get rid of traces of THC. So, take a t-break; it might just be what you and cannabis need to rekindle your relationship. 

How does kanna fit into the picture? 

If you are just starting your cannabis journey or you are coming off of a t-break, the perfect microdosed partner to have by your side is Sunny. In addition to 1mg of hemp-derived THC, each melt contains the mood-boosting plant, kanna. And unlike THC, you can’t become tolerant to kanna. In fact, it’s actually the opposite; the more you use kanna, the more enhanced its effects become. This is called priming. Sunny’s combination of functional plant ingredients is the ideal addition to your daily routine because its consistent use will enhance the effects of kanna with no substantial increase in your tolerance to THC. Eventually you might want to increase the number of melts you consume (for example, 2 instead of 1), but you won’t get to the point of full tolerance. In short, kanna + microdosed THC + you = the perfect love triangle.