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How I Sunny: Rachael’s Weeknight Routine


My Weeknight Routine

5:30pm: I used to love a glass of wine after work but since I’m trying to cut down on alcohol, I’ve switched to Ghia, (a nonalcoholic cocktail) with 2 Sunnies. It takes the edge off and puts me in a great mood — whether we are having dinner at home with the kids or heading out. This is a picture of the Ghia Soda flavor, but the Ginger is my favorite.

6pm: I always try to get outside for a bit in the evening. Andrew Huberman says you should view sunlight in the morning & night, so I’ve tried to work that into my rituals.

6:30pm: Lately it‘s dinner at home, which I love. My 18-month-old is now helping to set the table, and our dinner conversation is usually dominated by questions from my 4-year-old.

7:30pm: My friend introduced me to Honey Mama’s chocolate and now I am fully stocked. The ingredients are really clean and it has the perfect amount of sweetness.

8:00pm: This is my distraction-free work time. Now you know when I write these emails!

9:00pm: One of my goals this year is to read more books, so I’ve replaced my evening scroll with an evening read.

10:30pm: I love the yoga nidra meditations on the Open app. There’s no movement in yoga nidra (you stay in savasana the whole time!) and the practice uses guided mental imagery to promote deep relaxation.