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how much THC should I take in an edible?

Kanna: The perfect plant-powered mood booster


Imagine a plant that can improve brain health and help you to be more open-minded, like a neurological superpower. Sound too good to be true? It’s not; the plant is called kanna. The kanna plant is referred to as the “happiest plant on earth” by Forbes and its psychoactive (but not psychedelic) properties have been found to enhance mood, reduce anxiety and increase the feeling of being connected to others.

What is kanna? 

The sceletium tortuosum plant, also known as kanna, is a succulent plant that has been shown to support focus and memory, in addition to improving serotonin reuptake. Just as functional plants in general — such as mushrooms and cannabis — have been gaining popularity as a holistic alternative to synthetic drugs, the kanna plant has been gaining popularity due to its stress-reducing and mood-boosting effects. In fact, MBG Health referred to kanna as the “chill pill” of Mother Nature. The plant can be ingested via tinctures, teas, and other supplements, including our Sunny melts.

The history of kanna

Kanna has been used socially, spiritually, and medicinally for thousands of years. The plant is indigenous to South Africa and was used by native people to stay focused during long hunt trips. In a recent article by Poosh, the herbalist and natural health advocate, Rachelle Robinett, talked about the benefits and history of kanna. In the article, Robinett shared that kanna was traditionally chewed or smoked to “relieve pain, elevate mood, suppress hunger and thirst, and reduce anxiety.” Even though kanna has been used for thousands of years, it wasn’t until recently that it was found to be an “acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and cannabinoid agonist,” meaning it works well with cannabis. Thanks to its appetite and anxiety suppressing effects, kanna is the perfect functional ingredient to pair with cannabis because it balances out the munchies and paranoia that sometimes come with it.

How we use it

When formulating our products, we selected ingredients that complemented cannabinoids to deliver functional benefits. This started with kanna. Sunny’s blend of kanna +THC creates a unique, uplifting and energizing feeling that isn’t typically experienced with other cannabis products. Interested? Click here to learn more about and shop Sunny.